Alinity hits back at “speculation” of Twitch favoritism over ban appeal

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Twitch streamer Alinity is hitting back at speculation from critics that her recent ban was reversed due to favoritism and “backtracking” from the platform.

On May 30, popular Twitch streamer Alinity received a 3-day ban from the site after twerking during a live broadcast.

This sudden suspension prompted a string of angry tweets from the streamer toward Twitch, who lashed out at the “bullshit” platform for giving her a harsher punishment for dancing while fully clothed than she received for an accidental wardrobe malfunction in 2020.

Alinity even considered “taking business somewhere else,” sparking offers from Rumble and OnlyFans competitor Slushy.

Luckily, Twitch was quick to reverse her ban, and reinstated her account after just 24 hours. Although it wasn’t clear exactly what sparked this reversal, it seemed as though the buzz around Alinity’s ban was enough to catch Twitch’s attention.

However, some critics speculated that the only reason Alinity received a lighter punishment was due to “favoritism” from Twitch, arguing that her status as a top streamer made the site “backtrack” their controversial decision.

alinity banned twerking
Alinity received a 3-day ban from Twitch after twerking during a live stream, pictured above.

Alinity hits back at claims of Twitch “backtracking” twerking ban

Alinity hit back at this speculation in a pointed tweet on June 1, clarifying that she’d simply made an appeal to the site — something that any streamer can do when they receive a ban.

“It’s cute to see so many people speculating about Twitch removing my ban,” she wrote. “I appealed it with a lengthy paragraph and they accepted it. They didn’t ‘backtrack.’ Everyone can appeal a suspension.”

To prove her point, Alinity provided a screenshot of an email response from Twitch, which reads: “After reviewing your case, we can confirm that the correct enforcement was issued. However, given the details of your case, we have decided to accept your appeal.” They ended the email by reminding her to familiarize herself with their Terms of Service and Community Guidelines.

For now, it’s still unclear if Alinity will remain with Twitch following her latest ban. Considering the offers she’s received from other platforms, it might be possible that we see this streamer take her broadcasts to another site in the near future.

Alinity’s ban also comes in the midst of popular Twitch streamer BruceDropEmOff moving to Kick after he was banned several times in the beginning of 2023, marking yet another major turning point in the ongoing streaming wars.

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