Alinity baffled by “crazy” Twitch fan obsessing about her feet for three years

Michael Gwilliam
alinity exposes foot fan on twitch

Twitch star Natalia ‘Alinity’ Mogollon was left stunned by a viewer’s three-year-long obsession with her feet and used his fetish to plug her OnlyFans.

Alinity is one of the most popular Twitch streamers and OnlyFans creators on the internet, having made a fortune by creating content for the platform.

As such, it’s clear that there is quite a demand for certain types of content featuring Mogollon, with the streamer even once making $50,000 for filming a gross video for a viewer.

Not everyone seems to subscribe to her OF, however. During a recent broadcast, the Columbian-Canadian was nearing the end of her stream when she was asked to check a fan’s comment history and was left in shock.

Alinity turns viewer’s obsession with her feet into OnlyFans ad

After checking the viewer’s Twitch chat history, Alinity couldn’t help but notice how many comments they had made about her tootsies.

In pages of comments dating back to 2020, the user would constantly ask Alinity to show her feet and if he could do things to them.

“How long has he been at this? Three years!” she gasped. “Wow, this is crazy.”

Being the savvy businesswoman, however, Alinity used this as an opportunity to plug her OnlyFans and promised to give the fan what he wants.

“I will give him that he knows what he wants,” she said, refusing to ban the foot-obsessed viewer. “I just think that this is not the appropriate platform to ask me about these things. There are other platforms to do that, but Twitch is not one of those.”

The streamer followed this up by inviting everyone in her chat to “check her links” and remarked how she has quite a lot of content that she’s sure fans like this would be “delighted to watch.”

It’s not clear if the viewer ended up subscribing to her OnlyFans after this, but it’s clear that Alinity knows how to turn an awkward situation into a potentially profitable one.