Alinity defends JustaMinx over fan “attacks” after Streamer Awards drama

Alinity in pink shirt talking to camera and microphoneTwitch: Alinity

Twitch star Alinity stepped in to defend JustAMinx from online hate amid the ongoing drama between herself and QTCinderella following the fallout from the 2023 Streamer Awards where Minx got a party shut down.

On March 11, QTCinderella hosted the second installment of her Streamer Awards show, bringing together some of the biggest names in the Twitch community for a celebration of their work. 

The glitzy event went off pretty smoothly, but there has been a bit of fallout. Most notably, there has been drama between QT and JustAMinx after the Irish streamer’s alleged drunk and disorderly behavior meant that an afterparty was shut down, costing QT $50,000 in the process. 

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In the aftermath, the pair shared some harsh words for each other on Twitter, with QT urging her former friend to “get help.” Naturally, some critics have dogpiled onto Minx following this, and while she’s tried to defend herself, Alinity has also stepped in on her behalf. 

Alinity defends JustAMinx from ‘attacks’ over Streamer Awards party backlash

The Just Chatting streamer spoke about the situation during her March 14 streamer, stepping in to defend Minx from those who are “attacking” her, but aren’t her friends, nor doing it in a helpful way. 

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“I don’t fricking know what it is, I don’t know her that well. I’m close to her but I don’t know the extent of her problems. I’ve tried reaching out a million times but there’s just a point where you can’t do anything,” Alinity said. 

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“What I’m trying to say is, she’s someone who is in pain and if you want to tell her, hey, I’m not going to be in your life anymore until you get better, that’s a good thing. You should do that, you should tell an addict ‘hey I’m not going to be in your life anymore until you get better.’

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“Now, you as a viewer going on and attacking her and commenting on things online, that does not help anyone. That’s all I’m trying to say. I just worry about her.”

Minx claimed that she’d had a seizure at the time due to her epilepsy, and is traveling home to Ireland at some point to see her doctors about medication. 

The drama between her and QT had slowed down a bit, given that QT blocked her on Twitter after it.

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