Alinity explains why she has to wear a neck brace

Michael Gwilliam

Twitch star Alinity Divine began her December 18 stream with a neck brace on much to the shock of her viewers.

The Columbian Canadian began by telling her fans not to be worried and that she was “not going to die,” but was suffering from neck issues that required a brace to help fix.

“It’s nothing bad,” the Just Chatting streamer insured her viewers. “Don’t worry about it. I’ll be fine.”

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She explained that she had injured some of her neck muscles and her doctor recommended complete rest. However, if she was going to be on the computer, she would require something to support her neck up so she didn’t further injure her muscles.

Alinity said that while she didn’t know exactly how the injury occurred, there were a series of events that led up to it.

“It was a series of things,” she began. “Not sleeping properly, not sitting good in my chair… it’s a combination of stress and hormones and my muscles are spasming out of control in my neck and upper back.”

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The Twitch icon then revealed that an incident with her dog also helped cause the injury, though she didn’t go into too much detail.

“I was playing with my dog and I did something that I shouldn’t have done,” Divine added.

Alinity has had a history of controversial on-stream incidents with her pets. Back in July of 2019, the Saskatchewan-based streamer was under investigation by the Saskatoon Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals after she appeared to throw her cat during an Apex Legends match.

Alinity has had her fair share of controversy in 2019.

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The SPCA would later find that there was “no malicious intent” regarding the incident.

Additionally, PETA demanded by Alinity be banned by Twitch after a viral incident in which her dog poked around her groin as she attempted a yoga pose.

According to the streaming sensation, she has to wear the brace until Friday, December 20.