Mizkif claims Pokimane and Alinity have received “hundreds of death threats”

Mizkif Pokimane Alinity Death ThreatsTwitch: Mizkif / Instagram: @pokimanelol

Mizkif talked about the hardships female streamers go through, including harassment from obsessed fans, and claimed Pokimane and Alinity have received “hundreds of death threats.”

Being a popular streamer has its perks, but it isn’t all sunshine and rainbows – especially for female streamers.

In addition to gender biases and some people hating on them for their success, they also experience lots of harassment, death threats, and gross invasions of privacy.

In the past year, Jadeyanh, Jinnytty, Nico, Fuslie, Sweet Anita, and Valkyrae reported scary experiences with obsessed fans, including everything from doxing, harassment, and stalking to death threats. The list goes on.

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It’s a serious issue that pops up time and time again. Mizkif talked about it in his latest stream and claimed Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys and Natalia ‘Alinity’ Mogollon have received “hundreds of death threats.”

Pokimane instagram photoInstagram: pokimanelol
Mizkif claimed Pokimane has received countless death threats.

“All the time, you get these obsessed guys that are threatening women constantly. And honestly, that is the scariest part. And I know women get a lot of shit, but I guarantee you your favorite girl streamer… I guarantee you they’ve gotten these threats before,” he said.

“No matter how many hearts you put in your message to them… it doesn’t matter. They get these f**king threats. You’re out of your mind if you don’t think Pokimane has gotten hundreds of death threats over the years, dude. She’s not only a girl. She’s a hated girl.”

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“There [are] girl streamers, and there [are] girl streamers that are massively hated. She probably gets… her and Alinity. I guarantee you they probably have lockers full of [death threats]. They probably have their own locker at the police station.”

“That is the worst part of streaming to me. It’s the feeling that someone can invade your privacy and stalk you and do weird sh*t.”

Mizkif felt strongly enough about it to educate his viewers on the matter. And if the claims are true, the numbers are staggering.

Hopefully, the more it’s talked about, the more people understand the full extent of the problem.

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