Alinity believes Twitch should’ve 'definitely' banned her for cat drama: “It was pretty bad” - Dexerto

Alinity believes Twitch should’ve banned her for cat drama: “It was bad”

Published: 31/Aug/2020 7:14 Updated: 31/Aug/2020 7:20

by Isaac McIntyre


Twitch streamer Natalia ‘Alinity’ Mogollon has admitted she “definitely” should have been banned from the Amazon-owned platform for her cat drama ⁠— when the star, 32, threw her cat live on-stream ⁠— but escaped punishment due to the broadcasting website’s “double standards.”

Alinity has long been a hugely divisive figure in the Twitch community, not least for her viral cat-tossing incident from 2019. Many believe she has escaped bans and punishment due to favoritism from the broadcast platform’s admin staff.


As it turns out, the 32-year-old agrees, at least partially. Twitch’s admin staff don’t just show Mogollon favoritism, she said on fellow streamer Mizkif’s “Who Is” podcast, but they let big streamers “get away with more,” which she says is wrong.

“I think there’s a double standard in Twitch, but I don’t think it’s a male vs female standard… I think it’s a big vs small standard. Staff pays attention to larger streamers more; they’ll take a different avenue, rather than a ban,” she said.


“I know people that have been banned for smaller things than what happened with me, with the cat thing… I should have been banned. Maybe a suspension. I don’t know [how long the ban should have been]. Like a week? It was pretty bad.”

Alinity added that her admitting Twitch should have handed her a temporary ban for that moment, caught on-stream back in July 2019, was actually animal abuse.

“It was not animal abuse… I’ve seen animal abuse, and this really was not it,” she continued. “Dude, f**king PETA were tweeting at me, f**king idiots. I invited the ASPCA to my house, they had a look here and… said my animals were fine.”


Alinity calls for Twitch to “do more”

Alinity added Twitch should be “more open” on their ban reasons and “do more,” and believes the platform doesn’t provide updates because it’s “too much work.”

That’s a major problem, she said, because it means streamers and fans point their fingers at her when other big-name stars are banned, and Twitch remains silent on the issue.

“You can say whatever you want for your ban. You can literally say ‘Guys, I got banned for standing up,’ and they will not comment,” she said. “That means that someone gets banned, and they say ‘Alinity didn’t get banned for this,’ and I think that enables a lot of harassment to go towards a lot of people.”


This wasn’t the first time Alinity has opened up to Mizkif about her ongoing Twitch struggles either. Back in early August, the streamer revealed she “went through some stuff” including her father going to prison, and her mother getting cancer.

All of her problems have prepared her for these moments being “attacked” by the Twitch community, she said. “It’s been a lot of things preparing me to be the person I am now… I feel like life prepared me for these moments, you know?”


MattDoesFitness reveals the insane cost of his home gym renovation

Published: 8/Oct/2020 20:41

by Virginia Glaze


British fitness guru and social media influencer Matt ‘MattDoesFitness’ Morsia has completely transformed his home gym — but the cost of the renovations was nothing to sneeze at.

Morsia is one of the fitness community’s biggest internet stars; boasting over 1.9 million subscribers on YouTube and 898,000 followers on Instagram, his honest approach to fitness and crazy physical challenges have earned him as substantial audience.


Of course, it stands to reason that someone so dedicated to working out would have their own home gym (especially in a time where going to the gym could put one at risk) — but for Morsia, it’s more than just another room in his home.

For this influencer, the gym is his office, which he explained in the beginning of his video on the topic. He clarified that much of the equipment in his gym had been provided by his sponsors, and since it “directly contributes” to his salary, he chose only the most top-tier brands — something he claimed the average person does not need to do for their own home gym experience.


That being said, Matt went on to reveal the exact cost of the space, and it’s enough to make your jaw drop to the floor (or at least a fair wince).

As for the building itself, he spent a grand total of £34,000 (or $43,979), which isn’t actually part of his house. Instead, he commissioned the space to be completely “built from scratch” in the back garden — further compounding on its comparison to a true office space.


Combined with his equipment — the most expensive part of which was his £2,790 ($3,608) dual cable pulley — the entire gym ended up costing him £47,999 ($62,073). That’s nothing to sneeze at!

Morsia was quick to inform viewers that much of his equipment is no longer available for purchase due to the current global climate, and that other parts of the space — such as the bumper plates for his squat rack — were built by hand.

All in all, Morsia’s home gym is an impressive project that cost an equally impressive amount of cash, but when it’s your livelihood on the line, no price is too high for a quality workout.