Alinity banned from Twitch following wardrobe malfunction on stream

Published: 26/Apr/2020 1:28 Updated: 27/Apr/2020 5:38

by Meg Bethany Koepp


April 26 update: Alinity’s 24-hour Twitch suspension is up, with the streamer’s account active again on the platform. However, she’s still imposing a three-day suspension on herself. The original story continues below.

Twitch streamer Natalia ‘Alinity’ Mogollon has been banned from Twitch, following a wardrobe malfunction during a broadcast on April 24.

The streamer had earlier ‘banned herself’ from the platform earlier in the day, but now she’s been officially suspended by the streaming service itself, and her channel has been temporarily taken down.

The Columbian has found herself embroiled in drama yet again after she accidentally revealed too much of herself after trying to stuff a pillow down her shirt during a livestream.

Immediately after the incident, the internet is awash with people calling for her suspension from the platform.

On April 25, the streamer addressed the controversy on Twitter, and claimed that regardless of what the Amazon-owned platform decided to do about the situation, she was going to be placing ‘herself’ under a ‘three-day suspension,’ calling it “fair.”

“Hey, so regardless of whatever Twitch decides to do, I’m gonna give myself a 3 day suspension from the platform. I think it is fair,” she tweeted out. Hours later, the platform handed her an official punishment.

The platform’s Community Guidelines state that “overall surrounding framing and context” will be taken into account when assessing a situation that’s violated their rules, but does not comment on CG violations publicly to respect the privacy of its users.

Alinity then followed it up with more tweets two hours later, telling people outraged that she hadn’t yet been banned over the incident to take it up with Twitch. She also asked how “their inconsistencies” with bans is her fault.

“Yo, if you guys don’t like how Twitch handles bans take it with them,” she said. “How are their inconsistencies my fault?”

“You guys know I have been suspended before, right? So many people saying I don’t get in trouble and s**t. I just didn’t make a big fuzz when I got suspended, cause WHO CARES?” she continued. “GUYS I GOT BANNED BUT X AND Y PERSON DIDN’T WAH WAH WAH” Not my kinda s**t really…. I just took time off to think about my mistakes.”

This latest drama follows a string of other controversies involving the streamer – most famously when she was accused of “abusing” her cats by ‘throwing’ one over her shoulder and feeding it vodka, with some even calling animal protective services on her. She was later cleared of any wrongdoing by the Saskatoon SPCA.

The length of Alinity’s ban is currently unknown. Suspensions typically last from 24 hours, to three days, or up to one month.


LS reveals how xQc reached out to him during T1 fans backlash

Published: 1/Dec/2020 19:57

by Alex Garton


Nick ‘LS’ De Cesare has revealed that Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel reached out to him during the T1 backlash offering his support and advice.

T1’s accidental leak that revealed LS was set to be the organization’s new League of Legends coach resulted in a wave of backlash against both parties.

Fans of the organization opted to send unjustifiable racial and homophobic abuse towards LS, as well as doxxing his grandmother and sending packages to her address. T1, from an outside perspective, did not handle the situation appropriately and seemingly offered little support to LS during this period.

This resulted in LS disabling his Twitter and going completely dark for a short period of time. This was no doubt due to the amount of hate and criticism he was receiving from T1 fans. One person who reached to support him was huge Twitch personality xQc.

xQc has over four million followers on Twitch.

xQc reached out to LS during T1 fans backlash

LS revealed on stream that the Twitch personality reached out to him in support. “Before I disabled my Twitter and went dark on everything, xQc was one of the very few people who reached out to me,” he said.

It was obvious LS was surprised he had reached out to him due to the streamer’s popularity: “Despite the fact that I’m like an insect compared to him, in terms of like brand and size and everything, it’s very nice.”

LS repeated multiple times that xQc is a “real one”, showing his appreciation for his support and care.

It’s clear that xQc reaching out to LS really meant a lot to him and helped him get through the difficult patch. Sometimes, just reaching out to somebody going through a hard time can make a world of difference.

Now, it’s just great to see LS back on track with the League of Legends content and streaming again.