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Alinity under investigation by animal protection services for throwing her cat

Published: 19/Jul/2019 20:56 Updated: 19/Jul/2019 21:36

by Michael Gwilliam


Twitch streamer Alinity Divine is under investigation by the Saskatoon Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) after a couple of controversial clips involving her cats went viral. 

The most recent is from a July 18 APEX Legends stream when the gamer was irritated by her cat crawling on her desk. 

Alinity appeared to call the cat by its name, Milo, and pick it up before tossing it over her shoulder. 

Alinity/InstagramThis isn’t the first time the Twitch streamer has been in trouble.

Another clip, this one from over a year ago, shows the streamer appearing to feed the same cat vodka via a kiss.

Now, the Saskatoon SPCA says it is investigating the streamer’s actions and a formal complaint has been filed. 

“A formal cruelty complaint regarding this matter has been filed with our Animal Protection department and is currently under investigation,” the SPCA replied after being tagged in a Twitter thread created by journalist Ian Miles Cheong.

In the same thread, comedian and actor Ricky Gervais chimed in with “So many stupid people in the world.”

Alinity’s actions also drew the ire of PETA who tweeted to Twitch Support asking them to, “Take a stand for cats & please remove Alinity from @Twitch immediately. She is using the platform to post animal abuse, which sends a dangerous message to anyone watching her videos. Cats are not props to abuse for more views.”

Meanwhile, the streamer addressed the videos as well as the investigation on Twitter.

“Hey everyone, I understand the concern and I am sorry for my lapses in judgement. I shouldnt have gotten frustrated with Milo, but I dropped him on the floor behind my chair. I’m not that strong 😛 The Vodka thing was well over a year ago but it was also a stupid thing to do,” Divine wrote

“I also understand the desire to report me to pet authorities and encourage anyone to do so if they feel pets are being mistreated, by anyone, anywhere. My animals are well loved, and live in a warm and caring home, and I will comply with any authority that seeks to validate this.”

Despite being reported, she believes those who did had the best of intentions and isn’t angry with them. 

“I think a lot of people are doing this because they believe they are doing the right thing, so no salt. I dont pretend to be perfect, and I will always try to do better, and improve myself.” 

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Twitch bot finds PS5s and Xbox Series Xs in-stock so you don’t have to

Published: 26/Nov/2020 18:10

by Michael Gwilliam


A popular new Twitch bot is doing all the legwork to help gamers find out what stores have PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X consoles in stock.

Gamers have been hard-pressed to find a next-gen console for themselves or loved ones as the Christmas season approaches. It seems like almost everywhere is sold out, leaving only scalpers who have been selling units for insane markups.

Now, a new Twitch bot has entered the fray and is helping anyone who can’t keep up with the constant refreshing know when they can get their hands on Sony or Microsoft’s new console.

Viewers can simply go to the Twitch channel and watch live as the bot searches through various sites to find inventory. The bot will actively check through Walmart, Amazon, Best Buy, and more and state whether they’re out of stock or have consoles in.

As a nice little bonus, the channel even says when the last “drop” was. At the time of publishing, the last store to get both consoles in stock was Walmart at 9:30 PM EST on November 25.

Users can also use the !local command to check any store stock near them.

According to Polygon, the channel is run by Cam Ritz and uses a program called streetmerchant that does the monitoring.

The program’s features page state that it “scrapes multiple websites for patterns of being stocked via API and Chromium.”

Ritz claims that so far, the bot has helped viewers actually find consoles – with a few nabbing Series Xs from GameStop and Sam’s Club.

Unfortunately, for most viewers, watching the stream will result in a near-endless red wave of OUT OF STOCK notifications, further cementing just how difficult it is to find a console this year.

As the days continue and the Christmas season approaches, keeping this channel open may be a great tool if you’re actively still looking for a PS5 or Xbox Series X. Or for those who have managed to already snag a console, it can serve as a reminder of just how difficult it can be.