David Dobrik shocks fans with life-changing hidden cash gifts

Virginia Glaze
David Dobrik, YouTube

YouTuber David Dobrik is one of the world’s most popular online entertainers, best known for his high-energy vlogs and crazy stunts with the “vlog squad” — as well as his heartwarming generosity.

During his time on YouTube, Dobrik has garnered a whopping 16.9 million subscribers, due in part to his philanthropic acts of charity alongside his fast-paced viral videos.

Having given away cars, cash, and even entire homes to his friend group, the YouTuber is touted as one of the platform’s good Samaritans alongside names like Mr Beast — but this time, he took his goodwill to an entirely new level.

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David Dobrik, YouTube
YouTube star David Dobrik brought holiday cheer during the summer season to his fans during a trying global crisis.

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With the current global crisis in mind, Dobrik has taken a long hiatus away from uploading regular content as of late, considering that his videos would be far different without the help of his currently-quarantined squad of buddies.

However, he broke this hiatus with a video on April 24, where he gathered with a small group of helpers (including assistant Natalie and friend Jason Nash) to play Santa Claus.

He surprised random bystanders by gifting them gaming consoles and cash taped beneath frisbees as they drove down the street, sending the strangers into shock with random acts of kindness.

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David Dobrik, YouTube
Fans were stunned by David Dobrik’s incredible gift, which he strategically hit in their merchandise orders.

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That wasn’t even the most shocking part of his video: Dobrik even hand-delivered merchandise orders with a special twist, hiding a check worth $10,000 inside each package.

The YouTube star tasked the fans with catching their orders via a T-shirt gun for minimal physical contact, leading to a slew of humorous antics before they opened their packages.

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That’s not all; Dobrik even went the extra mile and gave away a slew of free cars on top of the checks, sending one fan into tears.

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His insane video quickly went viral on Twitter shortly after being uploaded, with fans across the net congratulating the YouTuber for his generosity and much-needed giveaways during a time of crisis for many.


While he clarified that he wouldn’t be uploading content until the world is in a better place, Dobrik’s latest video is warming the hearts of fans all across the globe in a time that has left many worrying about the future.

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