Twitch streamer banned for “sexual content” after showing her feet on stream

Twitch streamer banned for showing her feetTwitch/Justketh1

A Twitch streamer was left completely baffled after she was banned for “sexual content” when she showed her “sexy” feet to viewers.

Twitch bans are almost always a hot-button topic in the community, especially when they pertain to sexual content – and streamer JustKeth is the latest reason why.

During a recent broadcast, the streamer was spinning a wheel with a series of actions on it that she would perform depending on where it landed. Viewers would have to donate $20 in order to get a spin of their own.

While some of them were harmless, such as answering DMs, squatting, or not being able to drink Pepsi for five hours, one of the possibilities landed her in hot water: Feet.

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twitch streamer justketh in taxiTwitter/Justketh1
JustKeth was banned after she showed her feet on Twitch.

Streamer banned for showing her “sexy” feet on Twitch

Following her ban, JustKeth took to social media to address the situation and update fans on why she was suspended.

According to the Thai streamer, Twitch had an issue with the fact that she was “offering sexual content” for money in the form of her feet.

“Damn, it’s just a meme, bruh!” she exclaimed. “[Are] my feet too sexy?”

Twitch’s community guidelines do, however, state that “fetishizing behavior or activity, such as focusing on body parts for sexual gratification or erotic role play” are prohibited.

Additionally, users are not allowed to offer or solicit “any sexual content in exchange for money, services, or items of value.” That means that users who sell their soles are risking a punishment from Twitch.

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In a screenshot from the broadcast, JustKeth revealed that she did in fact show her feet during the broadcast, which, for everyone who likes a good toe every now and again, is sadly not allowed.

On the bright side, Keth says the ban will only last three days, so she won’t have long to wait until she can stream again.