OnlyFans creator reveals insane amount she sells her spit for to pay off student debt

Filip Krawanski
Latiesha Joness as seen in her TikTok

A UK-based OnlyFans model revealed just how much some of her subscribers are willing to pay for her spit, and how selling it helped the model pay off her student debt.

It’s not every day that you hear about someone selling their bottled spit, and it’s definitely even rarer for such a story to have a kind of wholesome angle.

The Britain-based OnlyFans creator Latiesha Joness is going viral on TikTok after sharing wild stories about the crazy things she sells to her OF subscribers at their personal request.

According to Latiesha’s TikTok videos, she sold a small bottle of her spit for £350, a note with her kiss for £100, and a bottle of her bath water for £200. Furthermore, Latiesha sells things of this kind so often that she runs out of bottles regularly.

The model was able to quit her Tesco job and pay off her student loan at 22 years old thanks to these paid requests and her other OnlyFans-related income.

TikTok reacts to OnlyFans model selling her spit

Latiesha’s first TikTok on the subject simply captioned “weird things I sell on the internet” was viewed more than 625,000 times, with many users praising the model’s creativity and expressing that they wish they earned that kind of money for selling their spit.

“Infooooo girllll i got loads of phlem,” wrote one user. Followed up by another stating: “This is the life I want.”

Other users were slightly worried someone might use Latiesha’s spit for a nefarious purpose, like spreading it around a crime scene.

“Knowing my luck they would place my DNA at a crime scene. Anything good ends badly for me,” reported one user, Latiesha actually addressed these concerns in another video, stating that she is not worried about something like this happening.

This is just the latest OnlyFans story to go viral around the internet as earlier this month OnlyFans model caught their stepdad spending $2,000 on her custom videos.

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