Alinity claims she started Twitch topless meta over five years ago

Michael Gwilliam
alinity topless twitch stream

Twitch’s new topless meta has taken the streaming world by storm, but it could be a lot older than its recent popularity suggests according to Alinity.

Controversial Twitch metas pop up every so often as streamers try to find ways to circumvent or find loopholes around the platform’s TOS with the topless meta being the most recent trend.

At first, OnlyFans model Morgpie went viral when she pretended to stream topless and this was soon followed by other creators upping the ante by using censor bars to cover their breasts and other body parts giving the illusion of nudity.

While Morgpie may have made this meta popular, Twitch star Natalia ‘Alinity’ Mogollon says she was doing this all the way back in 2017.

Alinity may have started Twitch topless meta in 2017

In a post on X, Alinity shared a screenshot from a stream taken six years ago where her chest was barely visible thereby appearing topless.

“Me on Twitch in 2017 before the ‘meta’,” she captioned the photo.

Users in the comments were impressed with her for seemingly having the wherewithal to start this trend so long ago.

“You were ahead of your time,” one praised.

“A woman ahead of her time,” said another.

One fan even inquired about the age of the clip, asking if predated her infamous cat-tossing scandal, which Alinity confirmed it did. Since then, there have been plenty more Twitch controversies, which really puts things in perspective timeline-wise.

Of course, another streamer could easily have been partaking in the topless meta even before Alinity, but for now, this might be the earliest screenshot of the meta in action.

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