Alinity admits she’s jealous of Kandyland for having a baby

Kandyland and Alinity looking into camerasTwitter: Kandyland/Twitch: Alinity

Popular Twitch streamer Alinity admitted she’s jealous of Swedish creator Kandyland after her announcement that she’s having a baby.

Since creating her Twitch channel in 2012, Alinity has become one of the most popular female streamers with nearly 1.5 million followers, with more across her various social media platforms.

In recent months, Alinity has expressed that she has wanted to become a mother, even going as far as trolling viewers with an announcement on Mizkif’s stream, joking that she wants a baby “for content.”

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She’s expressed her thoughts again, admitting that she’s jealous of Swedish Twitch streamer Kandyland’s recent announcement that she’s having a baby.

Alinty admits she’s jealous that Kandyland is having a baby

During her stream on October 23, a viewer asked in chat whether Alinty had heard about Kandyland‘s announcement.

“I saw Kandyland is pregnant! I’m so jealous. I was like b*tch, you found a baby daddy… where’s mine?” she explained.

“Very jealous that she’s got a new baby… I want one.”

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Following her joke announcement back in June, Alinity and Mizkif wagered $5,000 worth of Twitch subs as they turned parenting into a competition with a realistic baby doll.

Mizkif uploaded videos showing how he treated the “kid,” including throwing it down a supermarket aisle, jokingly putting it into the kitchen trash can, and even taking it to the gym to work out.

Being that Kandyland’s baby is going to be a real-life human and not a realistic baby doll, it’s safe to say that she’s going to be a bit more careful once the baby is born.

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