Alinity and Mizkif wager $5,000 over who breaks their “baby” first

Dylan Horetski
Mizkif Alinity Baby wager

Alinity and Mizkif have a baby, technically, and they’ve turned parenting into a competition with 1,000 subs on the line.

On May 30, 2022, Alinity joined Mizkif on stream to reveal that she was pregnant.

Minutes later, it became apparent that Alinity was trolling but played with the idea of having a baby for “content.”

Now, Alinity and Mizkif have acquired a realistic medical “baby” to take care of and they’ve made it a competition between the two with 1,000 subs on the line.

Alinity and Mizkif start a baby competition

Starting off his June 18 video, Mizkif revealed that he “had a baby” with Alinity.

“For the next week, Alinity and I are going to have a baby. If this baby doesn’t get attention for 15 minutes, the baby dies. If the baby dies while it’s with me, I owe Alinity 1,000 subs. If the baby dies with Alinity, she owes me 1,000 subs,” Mizkif explained.

He also made it clear that the two did not have an actual human baby together.

He revealed: “It is a very expensive baby that people can really only get their hands on when they work in the medical field. This baby is very serious. It knows when it’s being touched by humans, it knows exactly what it wants and if I’m talking too loud, the baby can cry.

“This is not a baby that you can just reset. There’s a master key for this baby and we gave someone that we trust that will not give us a key. It also has a feature that shows whether or not it’s being ‘abused.’ If that happens, it will give an alert that that person will lose the challenge.”

Neither party has won the challenge so far, but we’ll make sure to update as soon as it ends. In the meantime, check out our entertainment hub for more influencer news.