Twitch streamer Alinity says she wants baby “for content”

YouTube: Alinity

Twitch star ‘Alinity’ joked that she was pregnant on Mizkif’s stream — but said the entire ordeal would be an absolute goldmine for future content if it actually happened.

Alinity is a hugely popular Twitch streamer, boasting over 1.5 million followers on the purple broadcasting platform.

Although she’s best known for her variety streams and humorous interactions with other influencers, she’s considering content of a completely different sort by becoming a family channel… well, sort of.

During a joint broadcast with fellow streamer Mizkif, Alinity jokingly claimed that she was pregnant — nearly fooling the influencer, his friends, and his entire chat.

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alinityTwitch: Alinity
Alinity threw the entire internet for a loop after claiming she was pregnant.

Alinity shocks Twitch by claiming she’s pregnant

At first, Alinity claimed that someone online had asked if she was pregnant, prompting her to answer, “Actually, yes.”

“I can’t tell if you’re trolling,” a shocked Mizkif answered.

“I’m old enough to have a baby, what’s the problem with it?” she retorted. “Dude, I’m totally showing a little bit.”

After another back-and-forth, Alinity asked the Twitch chat to “stop asking who the dad is, because I actually don’t know who the dad is,” before explaining that she could “make even more content! I got at least six people who I think it could be.”

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The streamer went on to joke that she could “make a whole season” of content before Mizkif asked her to pinky swear that she wasn’t trolling — and that’s when Alinity dropped the act.

“I’m just trolling,” she laughed, getting a huge reaction out of the Twitch chat.

Although the entire setup was just a joke, Alinity says that she does want to have a baby in the future (with the possibility of more content, of course).

“I want to have a baby, and I’m really thinking about it. What are my possibilities? Do I just go to a sperm bank? Or, I can make content out of it.”

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Alinity’s prank certainly threw the internet for a loop… but there’s no denying that her plan would definitely make for years’ worth of outrageous Twitch streams.