Froggy Fresh exposes Creator Clash letter threatening to sue him amid iDubbbz feud

Virginia Glaze

Froggy Fresh has publicly revealed a letter he was allegedly sent from Creator Clash’s legal team that appears to threaten litigation against him amid his ongoing feud with iDubbbz.

Creator Clash is one of the biggest influencer-boxing events around, but unfortunately, its second iteration in 2023 has sparked some backlash due to drama between its founder and one of its fighters.

Event founder iDubbbz is in the middle of a feud with influencer Froggy Fresh, who was originally slated to fight on the Creator Clash 2 card against opponent ChrisRayGun.

However, Fresh was ultimately kicked from the event, supposedly due to an argument with iDubbbz. Fresh notably made a controversial comment about iDubbbz’s wife, Anisa, which resulted in a feud with iDubbbz’s mother-in-law over Twitter. He was also affiliated with Sam Hyde, a controversial creator who made several sexist and insulting remarks about iDubbbz’s wife.

On March 28, mere weeks before fight night, Froggy Fresh claimed that he’d been sent a legal letter from Creator Clash threatening to sue him, sparking backlash against iDubbbz on social media.

On May 3, iDubbbz uploaded a YouTube video explaining his side of the situation, claiming that he’d spoken with Froggy Fresh at length about the ordeal and even showing text messages between them. He claimed that Fresh was removed from Creator Clash due to his affiliation with Sam Hyde, who he felt might damage the event and make participating fighters and fans uncomfortable.

In his video, he also included footage of Fresh publicly insulting Creator Clash and its fighters, wondering why Fresh would want to participate in an event he seemingly didn’t like.

iDubbbz’s video was met with a swath of dissent from Froggy Fresh’s fans, many of whom felt iDubbbz wanted to “control” who Froggy Fresh could be friends with and what content he could make prior to the event.

On May 5, Fresh responded to iDubbbz’s video by revealing the letter he’d supposedly been sent from Creator Clash’s legal team, which he posted to Twitter.

“I have to finally address this big point, which is Ian saying they weren’t threatening to sue me,” he wrote. “…Ian’s timeline of events is skewered. I didn’t start publicly badmouthing the event until after I had been kicked. They kicked me and sent me this letter telling me to basically shut up about it.”

Froggy Fresh attached screenshots of the letter, highlighting certain language that appears to threaten legal action against him.

Of note is a passage mentioning a $15,000 advance Fresh was supposedly given for his training. The letter claims this advance is “entitled to be refunded in full due to your breach of the Bout Agreement.”

Fresh’s reply follows another response he published regarding iDubbbz’s tell-all video on May 3, where he jokingly hit back at the YouTuber in a short clip on Twitter.

For now, iDubbbz has yet to respond to Fresh’s latest post. We’ll keep you updated on this ongoing situation right here at Dexerto.

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