Alex Wassabi challenges Guava Juice to boxing match after defeating iDubbbz

Zackerie Fairfax
alex wassabi calls out guava juice creator clash 2

Alex Wassabi managed to pull off the win over iDubbbz at Creator Clash 2 and followed the dub with a callout no one saw coming, challenging fellow YouTuber Guava Juice.

Alex Wassabi is a name that has floated around the influencer boxing space, but we haven’t seen much in terms of actual fights. He beat Deji at the Showstar Boxing event in 2022 and was slated to take on ‘the nightmare’ KSI, but an injury put a stop to the fight before it could come to fruition.

But when Creator Clash 2 was announced, iDubbbz revealed his opponent in the Main Event would be none other than Mr. Wassabi. And while the fight came down to the judges, Wassabit pulled off the victory via majority decision.

This gave Alex an opportunity to call out an opponent on the big stage, similar to how many fighters had done throughout the night. And while some callouts were predictable – at least for those in that creator’s community – Alex’s challenge was lobbied at a creator no one saw coming.

Alex Wassabi calls out Guava Juice

When asked who he wanted to fight next, Wassabi explained that he got the idea for his next opponent from a sparing partner. He claimed that his partner had also been sparing another creator for a year, and that he was getting pretty good.

“And that guy goes by the name of Guava Juice. Formerly known as Roi Wassabi. Remember me? I know you just had your wedding. You’re on your honeymoon. When you get back, get to work. I’ll be waiting.”

For those who don’t know, Alex Wassabi – aka Alex Burriss – used to share a YouTube channel with Guava Juice called Wassabi Productions. The duo was active from 2006 until 2016, when Guava chose to leave the channel in pursuit of his own goals on his solo gaming channel.

The channel eventually became what is known as “Wassabi,” Alex’s current main channel. It has amassed over 11 million subscribers. While Guava Juice is on the cusp of surpassing 17 million.