KSI shuts down Alex Wassabi fight rearrangement: “You’ve lost your chance”

Connor Bennett
KSI and Alex Wassabi side by side looking at camera

YouTube star KSI says Alex Wassabi has “lost” his chance at fighting on a big stage after backing out of their fight with a concussion that was picked up during training.

When KSI defeated Logan Paul back in 2019, many suspected that the British YouTube star would be inside the boxing ring a bit more regularly than he has been.

After a three-year hiatus, the Brit revealed that he’d finally be stepping back into the ring in August to fight Alex Wassabi, however, the American content creator has had to pull out after sustaining a concussion.

Now, KSI will fight Swarmz in place of Wassabi despite plenty of calls for him and Jake Paul to link up for a clash, and it doesn’t look like Alex will get the big fight later down the line.

KSI pours cold water on Alex Wassabi fight rescheduling

After going through some rather public negotations to fight Jake next year, KSI turned his attention back to Alex by saying he’d be willing to spar him at some point. “You can film it because I definitely will, and watch me obliterate you,” he tweeted.

Alex fired back by questioning if KSI’s post was “meant to be intimidating” and stating that the pair will “ruin it back” on a big stage at some point. Though, his British counterpart disagreed with that.

“Ain’t no big stage for you mate. You’ve lost your chance lol,” KSI tweeted on August 9. “Recover from your “concussion” real quick so I can spar you for a 30-second YouTube short.”

With a superfight between KSI and Jake in the offing, Alex will have to take a backseat somewhat and likely wait for the fallout of that fight to settle.

Who knows whether or not he and KSI will now ever touch gloves inside a ring, but this is boxing after all, and anything can happen. So, never say never.