Adults start fighting at The Little Mermaid premiere and ruin movie for kids

adults fight at little mermaid screeningTwitter/ScamRap_

Kids excited to see Disney’s live-action version of The Little Mermaid were treated to a brawl in the cinema when adults started fighting in front of the screen.

It seems like nowhere is safe from fisticuffs at this point. Over the years, we’ve seen fist-flying battles happen at gas stations, at high school basketball games, and even high in the sky on planes – and now, even ‘under the sea.’

When you take your kids to see a movie, the last thing you expect to see is a group of fully grown adults coming to blows inside of the theater, but that’s exactly what happened this weekend.

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In a series of videos going viral on Twitter, a group of moviegoers watching Disney’s The Little Mermaid got physical and started launching obscenities at each other, turning the kids’ movie into an R-rated fiasco.

Parents demand refund after adults fight at The Little Mermaid

Although it’s not clear what started the altercation, in the clips, one woman can be heard yelling at another, completely drowning out the noise from the movie.

In total, four adults were all standing up, completely blocking the screen from other moviegoers who started talking about wanting a refund for their tickets.

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After making some threatening gestures and complaining about being disrespected, one of the women even appears to put her hands on another attendee, and the video ends with a man coming to join in on the debacle.

Eventually, the lights in the cinema turned on and a security guard tried to deal with the unruly customers, but it’s anyone’s guess if they had any luck at defusing the situation.

Amazingly, this isn’t the first time this year that a fight broke out in a cinema. During the credits for Creed 3, a real-life boxing match broke out, with patrons throwing fists at each other.

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Despite the fight and potential refunds, The Little Mermaid is having a decent theatrical run with a three-day opening of $95.5 million and an international box office score of $68.3 million thus far.