Creed 3 viewers filmed fighting in theater as credits roll

Brianna Reeves
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Someone captured footage of Creed 3 viewers fighting in the crowd as the credits rolled during a Thursday night screening.

The third film in Rocky’s Creed saga just opened in theaters, with star Michael B. Jordan making his directorial debut.

Set seven years after the events of Creed 2, the franchise’s newest entry takes place at a time when the lives of lead characters Donny and Bianca seem more settled.

Trouble arises when Donny’s childhood friend Damian, played by Jonathan Majors, reenters the picture after a long prison stint. And in one screening of the sequel, it seems this cinematic tension made its way into the crowd.

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Fighting among viewers breaks out during Creed 3 screening

On Creed 3’s opening night, the Lights, Camera, Barstool Twitter account shared footage of a fight that broke out during a showing.

In the short clip, two people are seen going at it in the middle aisle while the movie credits roll. Several other patrons try breaking up the fight, yet it’s clear they have a tough time separating the pair.

The video runs just under 30 seconds in length, so there’s no real context for why or how the theater bout started. At least they don’t have to worry about missing out on Creed 3’s non-existent post-credits scene.

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Public brawls are always making the rounds online, of course. Just recently, footage of a fight at a high school basketball game went viral on Twitter. The video depicted fans, cheerleaders, and ball players joining the hardwood scuffle.

But it’s especially interesting that two people went straight to fisticuffs after watching a two-hour boxing film in Creed 3. Hopefully, no one involved sustained any severe injuries.

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