Adin Ross responds to backlash over viral clip of friend calling Twitch staff racial slur

Adin Ross YouTubeYouTube: Adin Ross Live

Adin Ross has responded to backlash after a clip of his friend using racial slurs during a stream went viral on Twitter.

Adin Ross has gained insane popularity on Twitch over the last few years, amassing over seven million followers in the process.

He regularly features his friends and other various content creators on his stream, but it doesn’t always pan out just as he planned.

On February 21, a clip of Adin’s friend using racial slurs during a stream went viral on Twitter and the creator quickly responded to the backlash.

Adin Ross responds to backlash over friend’s racial slurs

In the clip, Adin Ross was face timing his friend on stream when his buddy began using racial slurs.

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“F*ck Twitch, they really out here on Super Bowl Sunday,” he began before using a slur to refer to the platform’s staff.

Twitch streamer Zahir shared the clip, which has been seen almost seven and a half million times in the hours since it was posted.

In a reply, Zahir showed a screenshot of a Twitter DM from Adin responding to the backlash.

“The guy in that clip is black. Y’all looking for any reason to bring me down cause it’s trendy. Pls understand his father is Dominican and black. All love bro,” Adin said.

This isn’t the first bit of backlash Adin has stirred up recently, either. On February 16, he uploaded a video to YouTube where he asked random people on Omegle to “act black” for $20, angering some fans in the comments.

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