Adin Ross ‘swatted’ live on Twitch during LA fan meetup

Alex Tsiaoussidis
Adin Ross Arrest Twitch

Adin Ross admitted he was “scared sh*tless” after fans called fake police to arrest him, but revealed it was nothing compared to a separate incident where he got swatted during a rooftop meetup.

Just two days after he was banned on Twitch for a viral clip that showed him texting and driving, Adin Ross has returned on the platform.

However, his celebrations were cut short when he got arrested in what appears to be a footwear store in a mall. It turned out the arrest was fake and presumably organized by his fans.

But Adin admitted he was still “scared sh*tless.”

“That arrest was fake. I was scared sh*tless,” he said.”One of you guys called fake cops to come and fake arrest me .. y’all weird [as f*ck].” The fact he included a laughing emoji suggests he saw the funny side of the prank.

However, he was less inclined to forgive the person responsible for a separate and more serious incident where someone called a real SWAT team on him during his rooftop meetup. “Whoever did that is a real piece of sh*t,” he said.

It happened live on stream. Not only could sirens be heard in the background, but a helicopter was circling around in the sky.

“This is getting crazy,” he said. “We didn’t do anything illegal. I don’t know what to do. I think somebody said something fake is happening here.”

Eventually, someone informed him that a SWAT team was approaching the door, and he nervously told his crew to end the stream.

Some people accused Adin of staging the whole thing for clout. However, he insisted he had nothing to do with the fake arrest and claimed the swatting incident was real.

“On my life, I would never call SWAT,” he said. “I didn’t intentionally fake sh*t. Real cops shut down Melrose [and] a few SSB supporters actually got put in handcuffs. That sh*t was real.”

Adin Ross Arrest Tweet

Fortunately, it had no major consequences other than causing a block to briefly get shut down.

However, swatting is a serious offense that puts streamers’ lives on the line, despite various instances of people being jailed for it.