Cops show up after Adin Ross fan drives car into lake on purpose

Virginia Glaze

A group of Adin Ross fans got a visit from their local law enforcement after the streamer dared them to drive their car into a lake.

Adin Ross is one of the most prominent live streamers on the net right now, boasting a massive audience on Kick, where he moved after being permanently banned from Twitch in 2023.

Ross is known for his controversial content and over-the-top broadcasts, most recently sparking outrage after nearly getting his foot shot off by a weapons expert during a stream in February 2024.

The streamer is coming under scrutiny once again after daring a fan to drive their car into a lake… and the fan actually did it.


Adin Ross fan confronted by cops after driving car into lake

It’s not unusual for Ross to dare his fans to do outrageous things for cash. In the past, Ross caught backlash for daring a viewer to say a racial slur for money (not to mention the time he asked another viewer to “slit their brother’s throat” for a monetary reward).

In his latest ‘dare stream,’ Ross dared a fan to drive their car into a lake… and the fan actually did it, sinking their vehicle into the water during a nighttime broadcast.

However, Ross claimed that he wouldn’t pay them for the stunt until he saw a tow truck pull the car out of the lake — but he didn’t get the chance before cops pulled onto the scene.

Almost instantly after sinking the car, police cars drove up to the area, lights flashing.

“You guys are live streaming this — like, it’s a joke?” an officer asked after ensuring that no one was in the vehicle.

It looks like the police were wise to the fans’ antics, although they tried to dodge the question during the confrontation. It’s also worth noting that they said during their stream that “Adin Ross is not liable for any of this” in an attempt to absolve the streamer of any wrongdoing.

According to reports, police detained the driver, who was later released – but charges are being considered as the incident stirs up a heated conversation online, with netizens blasting Ross for his eye-popping dare toward his fan.