Adin Ross swatted once again while live on Kick stream

Liam Ho
Adin Ross Swatted at Gym

Streaming superstar Adin Ross was swatted once again whilst live streaming from a gym on platform Kick.

Being a streamer can be a pretty wild and dangerous career path. Especially for streamers that go out of their way to explore their surroundings, potentially doxxing their location in the process. This has led to several incidents of pranks before, with more serious trolls calling in SWAT teams on streamers. These pranks are called swatting and can be incredibly dangerous to all parties involved.

One streamer familiar with being swatted is Kick superstar Adin Ross. The Twitch turned Kick streamer is easily one of the most controversial figures online. Adin has been swatted several times in the past, often having run ins with officials that have been called in by his viewers.

Now Adin has been swatted once more whilst live streaming on Kick.

Adin Ross swatted whilst live on stream once again

Adin and HSTikkyTokky were live streaming from a boxing gym when police officials arrived outside. With how often Adin is swatted, the streamer remained rather calm, stating to his friends and fellow streamers that “we’re good, we’re fine.”

Adin was eventually asked to evacuate the building and sit outside whilst the police conducted a search. The streamer was allowed back into the gym after the search was completed, allowing them to get back to streaming normally.

This is just another in a long line of swattings that has taken place on Adin’s stream, with the controversial star being visited multiple times throughout 2023.

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