Adin Ross surprises Twitch friend who was shot with rent-free house for a year

Adin Ross surprises Twitch friend who was shot with rent-free house for a yearYouTube: Adin Ross

Adin Ross surprised his friend and fellow Twitch streamer Izi Prime with a rent-free house for a year to help him bounce back after getting shot twice, changing his life in the process.

Adin Ross is quickly becoming one of the most popular streamers on Twitch. As it stands, he has 4.7 million followers and 32,500 active subscribers and is the ninth most-viewed person on the platform in August 2021.

However, he always has his friend’s backs, especially when it comes to ones he’s known for years, like Izi Prime, who also happens to be a streamer.

Izi was shot twice and forced to live with his grandparents to make ends meet. So, Adin decided to help him get back on his own two feet in the best possible way – by buying him a rent-free house for a year.

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Adin Ross sat in a car posing for cameraInstagram: Adin Ross
Adin Ross is all about helping his friends.

“I know about all the sh*t you went through in your life, and as your brother, I wanted to come and help change and save your life,” said Adin. “I went out and f**king got you an apartment bro, for a year, locked, rent-free.”

Izi didn’t believe him at first. He thought it might have been a joke. But Adin assured him it was real. “I swear on my life this is yours. This is your f**king house for a year, locked. You don’t have to worry about rent for a year.”

He invited him to look inside, revealing that it was also fully furnished, complete with a “monster” gaming rig. Overcome with emotion, Izi couldn’t help but hug him and tell viewers about his recent struggles.

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“I almost died last month,” confessed Izi, holding back the tears. “I got shot twice. I grew up in Chicago on the South Side. Moving house after house after house. I’ve been homeless for a month and a half. I was living with my grandma and my pop.”

Adin also bought Izi a Tesla and gave him $10,000 in cash to kick things off. So, it’s fair to say that he’s in a good place now, thanks to Adin.

However, Izi vowed to get stuck into the streaming grind throughout the year so he can get the ball rolling himself. And given how good his content is, there’s no denying he’ll succeed.

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If you’d like to tune in and support him, you can find his Twitch channel by clicking here. He already has 150,000 followers now, and the numbers keep on rising.