Adin Ross smashes controller after losing $20k Splitgate wager match

Adin Ross $20k wagerTwitch: AdinRoss

After losing a $20k wager match to Twitch streamer yourrage on Splitgate, Adin Ross lashed out on stream and began smashing his controller against his desk.

While a lot of streamers would just settle for a standard competitive match in a game, Adin Ross is always looking for new ways to raise the stakes and keep it interesting for his community.

Whether that means jumping on the hot tub trend with Sommer Ray, or betting $10k that Bryce Hall would beat Austin McBroom, Ross certainly isn’t afraid of taking risks.

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However, a $20k Splitgate wager match against Twitch streamer yourrage didn’t exactly go to plan on August 10 and resulted in Ross taking his anger out on his controller.

Adin Ross TwitchTwitch: AdinRoss
Adin Ross has 4.7 million followers on Twitch.

Adin Ross rage quits Splitgate after losing $20k wager

On August 10, Adin Ross decided to challenge yourrage to a 1v1 wager match on Splitgate for $20k. While Ross was confident he could pick up the victory, things took a turn for the worse very quickly.

As soon as the match began, it was obvious yourrage had the upper hand, and in the end, he took home the win by 12 kills to 3.

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Unfortunately, Ross didn’t take the loss very well and took his anger out on his controller, smashing it against the desk in rage.

Despite this, after calming down, Ross remained humble in defeat and even said good game after losing $20k to the Twitch streamer.

Yourrage on the other hand couldn’t help but show off about the fact that he’d taken $20k off Adin Ross. Before ending his stream, he decided to celebrate with his chat and even demanded that Ross send him all of the money by the morning.

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“I don’t give a single f**k, Imma need all my bread by the time I wake up… 20 bags on my notifications when I open my phone”.

It’ll be interesting to see if the pair get together again for a rematch on Splitgate or potentially even a 1v1 on another video game title.

Either way, it’s obvious Ross is incredibly competitive, so it’s unlikely he’ll be forgetting this loss anytime soon. Hopefully, this means another 1v1 is on the cards soon, and both parties are ready to put a huge amount of money on the line.

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