Kick owner claims Adin Ross “Kim Jong Un” stream got so many views it broke the site

Theo Burman
Adin Ross kim jung unKick: Adin Ross/Wikimedia Commons: Alexei Nikolsky

Top Kick streamer Adin Ross managed to break the streaming website during his stream with a Kim Jong Un impersonator after he got over 700,000 viewers, according to one of the site’s owners.

Eddie Craven, one of the co-owners of Kick, discussed the Adin Ross stream on one of his own broadcasts, where he elaborated on the actual view figures for the event. He also said that there were so many viewers that the site crashed at one point, peaking at over 700 thousand.

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The stream further cemented Adin Ross as one of the biggest streamers on Kick and the internet in general, even though the person who joined the call wasn’t actually Kim Jong Un.

Adin Ross stream with Kim Jong Un impersonator reportedly breaks 700k views

During a recent stream, Eddie was asked if he watched Adin’s stream with the impersonator, and he replied with some insight on what was happening behind the scenes at Kick during the event.

He said: “I think the view count was actually broken on that. Everyone thinks that the stream went up to 450,000 viewers, it actually got up to 700,000 viewers, but the website crashed.

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“Like the whole thing crashed. It went 700,000, and then the whole thing crashed, and it went down to 200,000 a few minutes after.”

Adin Ross is no stranger to doing weird events on stream. The “Kim Jong Un” stream came just weeks after he constructed a fake prison in a warehouse with Sneako to prove to the Tate brothers that he could last in jail.

For more news and updates on Adin Ross and his streams on Kick, check out his recent conversation with Andrew Tate.

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