Adin Ross lashes out at “liar” IShowSpeed and his manager who “ruined” him

Theo Burman
Adin Ross attacks IShowSpeed and his manager

Adin Ross lashed out at fellow content creator IShowSpeed and branded him as “a liar” on a recent stream.

The biggest streamer on Kick lost his cool after he was asked if he was still talking to Speed. Speed previously claimed that he and Adin hadn’t talked in months after Adin stopped replying to messages.

Adin responded by saying Speed had changed his number, and that he was lying about what had happened between the two of them.

Adin Ross says IShowSpeed’s manager “ruined” him

On his Kick stream, Adin was asked by a viewer if Speed’s claim that he was messaging Adin without getting a response was true.

Adin replied: “I swear to God he doesn’t, bro. He changed his number. Ask everyone around him. He changed his f*cking number, I don’t have his new number. How am I supposed to call you?

“You’re supposed to say ‘Hey, this is Speed’. Show proof that you’re actually Speed. You FaceTime me, that’s how it’s supposed to be done.”

Adin went on to address Speed directly using his real name, calling him a liar. He also attacked Speed’s manager, who Adin blames for “ruining” his friend. However, he ended the rant by admitting that he still “loves” Speed, so it’s difficult to tell exactly where he stands on their friendship.

“You didn’t do that, you won’t do that. You’re a liar, Darren Watkins III. F*ck you and that manager. That dirty hillbilly manager. F*ck him, up yours, bozo. F*ck you. Suck my d*ck.

“You ruined my friend, you ruined Speed. You’re a piece of sh*t, you’re a b*tch, f*ck you. I don’t care, I said it. I love Speed and f*ck his manager. Up yours!”

Tension between the two creators has been on the rise ever since Speed and Kai Cenat launched a new streaming show on Rumble rather than Kick, Adin’s preferred platform. Adin has previously said he was “hurt” by the decision and claimed that Speed turned down a 40 million dollar deal with Kick, which Speed and Kai denied.

For more updates on the situation between Adin Ross and IShowSpeed, check out Speed’s claim that they haven’t been speaking for months.

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