Adin Ross claims Kai Cenat & iShowSpeed turned down $40m Kick offer

Filip Krawanski
Adin Ross in one of his latest Kick streamsKick: AdinRoss

Adin Ross has claimed that Kick offered $40 million each to Kai Cenat & IShowSpeed to “come to Kick” and they turned down the deal.

Streaming has been the internet’s biggest form of entertainment for a while now, and the industry continues to grow. Broadcasters have accrued audiences in the millions on platforms like Twitch and YouTube, which makes them prime targets for brands interested in celebrity marketing.

While Twitch has consistently been the live streaming platform of choice, the competition has been getting fierce, with Rumble acquiring Kai Cenat & IShowSpeed for an exclusive show, YouTube streaming rising in popularity, and other alternatives popping up, Twitch might need to defend their slice of the pie.

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One such streaming alternative that’s been lately growing in size is of course Kick, helped out by TrainwrecksTV, which now hosts streamers like AdinRoss.

They’re still trying to get more streamers, including Kai and Speed, but it doesn’t appear to be happening just yet.

Adin claims Kai Cenat & IShowSpeed rejected a $40 million offer

After the exclusive Rumble show featuring Kai Cenat & IShowSpeed has been made public Adin Ross commented on stream that he “knew about it for weeks” and that he has been trying to bring Kai Cenat to Kick.

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“I’m hurt, I wanted Kai and Speed on Kick, I’m going to be honest. We originally offered Kai and Speed 40 million, I think Kai was 40 million and Speed was 40 million, they said no, but I don’t know what Rumble offered,” said Adin regarding the Cenat & Speed’s deal with Rumble.

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But this doesn’t mean that rumors about creators moving to Kick will stop circulating, lately, xQc shared that he thinks Twitch was letting Kai Cenat avoid bans that other creators might have not avoided.

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Many users continue to speculate that Twitch is worried about losing him to another platform, but it remains to be seen.

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