Adin Ross admits to watching his sister’s OnlyFans during lie detector test

Calum Patterson
Adin Ross with his sister naomi ross

Kick streamer Adin Ross put himself under a lie detector on stream, and had to answer some very revealing questions – including whether he had watched his own sister’s OnlyFans content, which he admitted he had.

Adin Ross has at times been pranked by viewers, tricking him into watching his sister, Naomi Ross’s OnlyFans videos, so he has made no secret of it.

However, the question posed to him while under the pressure of a lie detector was more precise – he was specifically asked if he had watched the content for “more than 30 seconds.”

The question was worded to avoid Adin just being able to admit to the accidental viewing that his fans have tricked him into – but not even attempting to cover it up, he simply answered the question truthfully.

Adin admits watching ‘more than 30s’ of sister’s content

The question put to Adin precisely was, “Have you ever watched more than 30 seconds of your sister’s OnlyFans?”

Perhaps knowing the lie detector would pick up on any attempt to deny it, Adin, with a straight face, answered, “Yes.”

The lie detector was there to back it up too, as the operator confirmed, “It’s the truth.”

It turns out, Adin has experience with lie detectors too, claiming that he took one to get unbanned on Twitch.

“They were asking me if it was my voice on YourRAGE’s stream where I said [slur], and I passed it and I used that as evidence to get unbanned on Twitch,” he explained.

The lie detector stream included a number of other pointed questions, such as past sexual partners and more.

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