IShowSpeed addresses relationship with Adin Ross after choosing Rumble over Kick

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iShowSpeed Adin RossAdin Ross/iShowSpeed

IShowSpeed discussed his friendship with Adin Ross in the wake of his first stream on Rumble with Kai Cenat, where he revealed that he hasn’t spoken with the top Kick streamer in a while.

The content creator revealed on a livestream that Adin hasn’t responded to any of his recent text messages, and that they haven’t spoken in months.

The news comes after IShowSpeed’s new streaming show on Rumble with Kai Cenat started last week. Adin Ross has previously said that he felt “hurt” by the pair’s decision to choose Rumble over Kick, his preferred platform.

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IShowSpeed says Adin Ross hasn’t talked to him in months

During his livestream, Speed was asked about future content collabs with Adin, by a viewer, which led to him revealing they weren’t speaking as much as they used to.

Speed said: “Me and Adin haven’t talked in like… months. I haven’t talked to Adin- Bro, I text him and he hasn’t been texting me.

“I’m just saying, I just don’t think he messes with me no more.”

The new distance between the two content creators may be due to Speed and Kai Cenat’s decision to start streaming on Rumble instead of Kick. Adin continues to be an extremely vocal supporter of Kick, and has repeatedly tried to recruit both Speed and Kai to it after their problems with Twitch and YouTube.

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When Speed’s YouTube was hit with a strike after he streamed unmoderated content, Adin told him: “Kick. Stop being dumb they treat you like a peasant when you’re their biggest streamer. You deserve equity and a multi-million dollar deal. Equity alone… you’ll be an owner of your own platform.”

Adin even claimed that Kick had offered both Kai and Speed 40 million dollar deals to get them to sign on, although this is something the streamers have denied.

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