Adin Ross confronts man claiming he swatted him, Kai Cenat, and iShowSpeed

adin rossTwitch: Adin Ross

Twitch star Adin Ross confronted a person who claims they were the one who got him swatted along with fellow star streamers iShowSpeed and Kai Cenat.

On November 9, Adin Ross was briefly banned from Twitch after he was shockingly swatted during a broadcast.

Although the moment was shocking for him and his audience, it actually wasn’t the only time this year the SWAT team was sent to his home. He was also swatted back in August, as being swatted has become an issue for the budding streaming star.

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Now, during a recent broadcast, Adin confronted the person who claims they were behind not only his swatting but ones for other major talents on Twitch as well.

Adin Ross confronts alleged swatter during Twitch stream

During Adin’s Thanksgiving stream on November 24, the 22-year-old entered a Discord call with someone who claimed they were the one who sent the call to get Ross swatted.

Adin came in hot at the beginning of the call and asked, “Yo, why the f*ck did you swat me, bro?”

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He claimed that he had originally helped Ross after he got swatted the first time but that he hadn’t responded to a Discord DM of his, which lead to him wanting to get Adin’s attention by then swatting him. He then claimed he “had to get revenge somehow.”

Ross said, “So basically I didn’t respond to your Discord DM, so you swatted me?” The anonymous man replied, “It was important.”

The unknown swatter claimed it was “Funny because you were scared for your life. You thought you were going to die. That sh*t is funny as fuck.” After Adin said he almost died during the swatting, the anonymous swatter replied, “You wouldn’t have died bro. You’re good. If I wanted to you would’ve died.”

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He also admitted to swatting both Kai Cenat and iShowSpeed, and claims to have the records of him doing it.

Although there is no proof the unknown swatter actually pulled off all the swatting at Adin’s homer as well as Kai and Speed, Adin pleaded with him to never do it again.

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