Adin Ross briefly banned on Twitch after star swatted again

Eleni Thomas
Adin Ross with hands behind his head

Twitch star Adin Ross was briefly banned from the platform after a recent stream featured him being swatted while streaming for the second time in just over three months.

In a recent Twitch stream, Adin Ross was forced to cut his content short after he was swatted out the front of his home. When the stream was live, Ross had more than 200,000 peak viewers during the SWAT. 

Following the incident, clips quickly began circulating on the platform about the situation, although details were muddy after the star was banned shortly after, cutting access to them.

The footage, now available again, includes a phone call between Ross and the perpetrator in which Ross and company were asked to step outside with their hands above their heads.

Adin Ross tweeted just after the incident saying “I really got banned on twitch for being swatted,” but quickly deleted the post.

While it is unclear what Ross was banned for, it is likely to be at least related to the incident. Under Twitch community guidelines, the platform explains that an account can get banned or suspended on the platform if the owner appears to have lost control of their stream.

“In situations where a user has lost control of their broadcast due to severe injury, medical emergency, police action, or being targeted with serious violence, we will temporarily remove the channel and associated content.”

It’s not Adin’s first run in with swatting. Ross was swatted back in August while wrapping up a long stream. Four police officers suddenly entered his house, all with weapons in hand. After disappearing for roughly 10 minutes Adin came back to the screen to end the stream.

As well as these two incidents, Adin was also swatted in July 2021, during a fan meet up.

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