xQc claims Twitch let Kai Cenat “get away with” with multiple bans amid Kick rumors

xQc and Kai Cenat side-by-side looking at cameraTwitch: xQc/Kai Cenat

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel believes Kai Cenat has gotten away with some things on Twitch that others would have copped a ban for, and that the platform has been pretty lenient with him. 

Twitch’s disciplinary process for permanently banning streamers and issuing suspension is not a wholly transparent one. The Amazon-owned platform doesn’t publicly announce specific reasons for bans and often refers streamers to their community guidelines.

This routinely causes confusion within the community, especially when big streamers are perceived as getting a pass compared to those with a smaller community. Though, the biggest stars do get punished a fair bit. 

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Most recently, Kai Cenat was hit with a 7-day ban after some lewd activities in GTA. In the wake of that, he has threatened to leave Twitch if he receives another ban, but xQc believes the platform has already been lenient towards him.

xQc says Twitch has let Kai Cenat get away with bannable actions

It was something the former Overwatch League star mentioned during his May 9 stream as he watched a YouTube video documenting Kai’s history on Twitch amid rumors he could move over to Kick.  

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“I think, based on my experience and my knowledge and expertise around TOS and Twitch staff and moderators at Twitch, Kai got away with f**king so much. Ok, reasonably so. At the time, he was new on Twitch,” xQc said. 

“I’m not going to be a snitching Andy. Kai balled out super hard. This is objective. Him saying ‘Oh well he got banned for this, lol’. If you want to scope out and look at what people normally get banned for, he would have gotten banned like five or six times. I think that’s like the absolute minimum. I’m not saying that’s good or bad, I’m just saying that’s how it is.”

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As it stands, there are still rumors that the popular Twitch streamer could follow the likes of Adin Ross and move over to the Stake-backed Kick platform as he’s continued to tease it on his own stream. 

It ultimately remains to be seen if that’ll happen, especially as Twitch continues to dominate the livestreaming space.

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