Addison Rae’s dad gets her Tesla Model X wrapped in bright pink

Alice Hearing
Addison Rae gets bubblegum pink wrap on Tesla Model X
Instagram: Addison Rae/ YouTube: RDB LA

Addison Rae’s bubblegum personality, which helped her amass a huge 71 million followers on TikTok, now matches her car, thanks to a huge surprise from her dad. 

Monty Lopez went the extra mile for his daughter after having her Tesla Model X wrapped in a satin-finish bright pink color by RDB LA – the same auto shop that has worked on cars for other huge names including Offset, Chris Brown, Lil Pump and Jake Paul.

In a video revealing the stunning finished car, RDB LA vlogged the process, explaining that Addison’s father was a good friend of the company, and has been a customer of RDB for a while.

Monty explained, “She said ‘Dad, I just got to match my hat,'” pointing out a recent TikTok where she wore a bright pink cowboy hat. “So let me talk to Victor, he’s the man. If anybody can make it happen, Vic can. ”

Addison Rae pink cowboy hat
Instagram: Addison Rae
Addison’s Dad said she wanted her car to match her hat

RDB LA’s video shows the full process of applying the satin wrap to the car, with clips of the satisfying way the wrap slides smoothly onto the Tesla exterior.

They described the process, and why they were so excited for this particular custom color: “We use satin bubble gum pink. It’s actually one of my more favorite pink colors from wrap companies. We did this color actually on a Ferrari 458 once back in the day. It blew up the internet.”

RDB’s Vic also expressed love for the Tesla model, adding that, “Model x’s are great cars for friends and you can fit so many people in this car. …Tesla did a great job on this white interior, because it doesn’t really stain, which is crazy.”

The TikTok star can now add the Tesla to her amazing collection of custom-decorated gifts, which include a custom skateboard from Chipotle, presented to her by Tony Hawk, and a custom Jeep decorated by viral YouTube artist ZHC.

Addison hasn’t yet shown off her new wheels online, but this unique pink car will surely be seen on the influencer’s social media very soon.