Adam Saleh reveals Fouseytube’s response to his allegations

. 4 years ago

YouTuber Adam Saleh created a four-part video series detailing allegations against controversial social media star Fouseytube, who has now responded to the claims.

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Saleh revealed a video that Fouseytube had sent him after their joint tour wrapped up in early September, where he responded to Saleh’s concerns regarding his behavior.

While Fousey apologized for his actions against Saleh, he claimed to have had no idea about how Saleh had felt, and felt as though “every single person” was setting out to make him look like a villain.

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He also commented on his promise to perform with rapper J. Cole at one of his concerts, which ended up not happening at all.

“If anything the J. Cole thing taught me, it’s fuck J. Cole and everything involved in it,” he stated.

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Saleh took issue with Fousey’s response, citing an email he had sent to Saleh after the YouTuber had refused to be part of his production team.

“When I rejected it, you got salty, and tried to email me, tried to sue me,” Saleh claimed.

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Saleh also expressed that he never wanted to have dealings with Fousey again. “Please, do not call me your brother when you’ve done multiple, fucked up things to me,” he replied. ”I want nothing to do with you in the future. This whole experience left a bitter taste in my mouth.”

Although Saleh is staying away from the YouTuber moving forward, he stated that he wants him to ‘fix’ his actions – which includes paying out a Go Fund Me to a cancer patient, whose chemotherapy he had allegedly promised to pay for during their tour.

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