Lilly Singh has hilarious take on what Shane Dawson’s docuseries is doing to YouTube

YouTuber Lilly Singh uploaded a video that revealed her take on the massive impact Shane Dawson’s docuseries over social media star Jake Paul is having on the platform.

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The two-minute video is edited in the style of a thriller/horror film, likely a play on Dawson’s widely-debated approach of his series.

In the video, a mock YouTube HQ is overtaken with an avalanche of views and comments from Shane’s latest upload, comparable to an approaching horde of zombies or the dinosaurs of Jurassic Park.

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“You guys, you have to get back to work,” Singh said to her faux employees, who were collectively hypnotized by Shane’s video.

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“But it’s an eight-part series,” they replied in monotone.

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Singh explained that her video was not meant as a roast, but rather as a funny take on how big Shane’s series has become.

“I just really wanted to make a video on how innovative and game-changing Shane has been recently,” she stated at the end of the video. “Kudos to him, yo – you’ve been killing the game!”

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Dawson even responded to the hilarious clip in good spirits, Tweeting, “OMG, the YouTube employee hiding the trending page from me might be my favorite moment of 2018.”

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Dawson’s documentary series has been breaking massive records on the platform, topping YouTube’s trending page and even surpassing major Netflix shows.