‘100 ways to say I love you’ TikTok codes & meanings explained

Connor Bennett

TikTokers have become obsessed with yet another set of codes, the 100 ways to say I love you numbers, as they look to spread secret messages to their friends and loved ones. 

As TikTok has grown and grown over the last few years, naturally, there have been a few different bits growing in the background. Some of these are inside jokes for long-standing users, while others are coded languages. 

The latter of these have continued to pop up over the last few weeks, with TikTokers regularly using them to subtly reveal who they’re crushing on, what their relationship status is, and much more. 

Well, another one of them has started to gain a bit of popularity on the app, with the ‘100 ways to say I love you’ trend starting to do the rounds. Here’s what you need to know about it. 

Meanings of 100 ways to say I love you on TikTok

The ‘100 ways to say I love you’ trend is pretty similar to the TikTok codes that allowed users to send messages in secret. Though, unlike that one, these messages aren’t as heartbreaking at times. 

As the name suggests, this trend is all about telling somebody how much you’re into them. Messages range from 1 – which means ‘I thank God for you’- all the way up to 100, which is just simply ‘I love you’. 

Codes in between can be anything from ‘you make me proud’ to asking them out on different dates, and even seeing if they want to ditch an event. They cover a vast array of things. 

  1. I thank God for you
  2. What’s your love language
  3. I told my friends about you
  4. My soulmate
  5. Stay a little longer
  6. I cherish you
  7. Is that a new shirt
  8. Did you sleep good?
  9. I’m devoted to you
  10. Sweet dreams
  11. You good?
  12. Are you warm enough?
  13. How can I help?
  14. I’m proud of you
  15. Let me fix that for you
  16. This reminded me of you
  17. Thank you
  18. I respect you
  19. Come over
  20. You’re my best friend
  21. How are you?
  22. I saved you a piece
  23. Wish you were here
  24. You did it!
  25. Let me carry that for you
  26. Put your seatbelt on
  27. I miss you
  28. Need a ride?
  29. Drive safe
  30. You’re my favorite
  31. Woe, you look good
  32. I am so happy for you
  33. What’s our goal?
  34. You bring out the best in everyone
  35. I’ll wait for you
  36. Don’t forget to take your medicine
  37. I’m wild about you
  38. You’re a dream come true
  39. Tell me about your day
  40. I’ll warm the car up for you
  41. Let’s play a date
  42. You’re the best
  43. This song reminded me of you
  44. I’m blessed to have you in my life
  45. What would I do without you
  46. Text me when you get home
  47. I have so much to tell you
  48. Let’s see the world together
  49. Want me to scratch your back?
  50. You have something your teeth
  51. Let’s get food
  52. I’ll do the dishes tonight
  53. What would you like to do today
  54. You make me proud
  55. Do you want my jacket
  56. You complete me
  57. I’ll come with you
  58. Have a safe flight
  59. Text me when you land
  60. I dreamed of having a love like our
  61. Let’s get ice cream
  62. What do you want from Taco Bell
  63. You’re going to do amazing!
  64. I have a surprise for you
  65. My stomach hurts from laughing
  66. I just had a fun idea we can do later
  67. Your laugh is contagious
  68. I made you breakfast
  69. Should we leave this party
  70. How can I help
  71. I value you
  72. You simply amaze me
  73. How is your heart
  74. I’ve been thinking of you lately
  75. Want to go on a walk?
  76. You inspire me
  77. You have a strong work ethic
  78. I believe in you
  79. If you go, I’ll go
  80. Me and You. Always
  81. Do you need a hug
  82. I like you
  83. To the moon and back
  84. You bring joy to my life
  85. Get some rest
  86. I’ll walk you home
  87. Have you eaten today
  88. Tell me more
  89. I made you coffee
  90. Do you want a bite
  91. I wish you were here
  92. Can we cuddle
  93. You are special to me
  94. I left the light on for you
  95. You can pick the movie
  96. Let’s go on an adventure
  97. You are mine
  98. I am yours
  99. For now and forever
  100. I love you

While many TikTokers have been using these in private messages, there are others who ask for commenters to leave a number in the replies to their video. 

So, if you’re scrolling TikTok and you start seeing clips with ‘91>>’ dotted all over, you’ll know what its about.

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