What does “friend dictionary” mean? Viral TikTok trend explained

Eleni Thomas
TikTok stock image

The new TikTok “friend dictionary” trend is blowing up online, but what does it even mean? Continue reading for our full breakdown of the trend.

Almost every week, a new trend is formed on TikTok, these new types of videos, whether that be dances, sing-alongs, or jokes, all blowing up on the social media platform.

And while social media as a whole does at times have its own vocabulary, TikTok has taken this one step further with its new “friend dictionary” trend. 

Continue reading as we explain all about this new viral content on the platform.

What is the TikTok “friend dictionary” trend? 

TikTok has a strong following of users who fall into the Gen Z age range, something that the greater TikTok community has started to highlight with the new “friend dictionary” trend.

In essence, these videos are simple in design, with users asking people outside of the Gen Z age range if they know what certain expressions and phrases mean.

More often than not, the person being quizzed has no idea what any of the words mean, however, the quizzer then asks their friend or siblings who then immediately knows what the expression means. In other instances, these videos highlight the random expressions and “inside jokes” friends use with each other.

The trend has 40,000 posts under the friend dictionary tag, with some of the most popular videos amassing millions of views. 

Content creator Chelsea Lefkowitz recently broke down what “friend dictionary” means in an article written by NBC, Lefkowitz stated, “I feel like it’s kind of a universal experience that most sisters or siblings or best friend duos can relate to.” 

The TikToker and Instagram influencer added, “It’s kind of instinctual, especially for me and my sister. We have a shared background. It’s easy for us to develop inside jokes and references and we kind of have that unique way of communicating.”

And there you have it folks! Everything you need to know about the new “friend dictionary” trend taking over TikTok.