What is the TikTok codes trend? 2789, 9080 & other meanings explained

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TikTokers are using coded numbers like 2789 and 9080 to express themselves, but what do these codes mean? Here’s everything you need to know.

The TikTok codes trend comes after people started using the Notes feature on Instagram to attach a 3-digit code to their profile, revealing the first letter of their crush’s name.

The trend then made its way onto TikTok, where users began writing coded numbers like o45 and o23 which all relate to certain letters of the alphabet.

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Now, people have moved onto a new mysterious language. If you’re confused by codes like 2789 and 9080 popping up on the short-form video app, here’s everything you need to know about what they mean.

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What do 2789 and 9080 mean on TikTok?

On TikTok, people are using the code 2389 to convey the message “I’m tired of life” in their videos, comments, or in their bios. It’s part of a secret list of TikTok codes that’s existed on the app since 2022.

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The popular number 9080 means “I want you with me.” You may have seen seen this pop up on places like Instagram Notes, TikTok bios and Snapchat Stories.

It’s unclear who created the coded numbers or how they went viral. However, many use these to express their emotions and share how they feel with their friends.

Other TikTok codes

Here is a list of more TikTok codes and their meanings:

  • 9100: Sorry I hurt you
  • 7000: I just want attention
  • 7432: They left me
  • 1443: I don’t love you 
  • 9230: It’s getting worse
  • 0763: You promised
  • 1234: I’m dreaming of you 
  • 5900: I feel sick 
  • 2845: Be mine 
  • 1092: I need to talk to you 
  • 1023: It’s over 
  • 6499: Please help me through this pain
  • 0931: I’m losing my feelings 
  • 4300: Let’s hang out 
  • 6027: I’m falling for you 
  • 3256: You’re so attractive

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