What is the TikTok numbers trend? o45, 023 meanings explained

TikTok logo next to o45 note from InstagramTikTok

If you’ve spotted coded numbers like o45 and o23 on TikTok and are confused, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Here’s what you need to know about the numbers trend. 

While it started out life as a place for creatives to show off their dance moves, new pieces of arts, and songs, TikTok has become a big part of many social media users daily lives. 

As a result, we’ve seen plenty of inside jokes, codes, and trends pop up over the last few months that have baffled those users who aren’t fully ingrained in the TikTok culture. These tend to stick around too, which only adds to the confusion if you didn’t see it when it first become a thing.

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The newest one of which revolves around coded numbers and how they relate to certain letters of the alphabet. So if you’ve been confused by it, don’t worry, we’ll clear things up.

What do o45 & o23 mean on TikTok? Numbers trend explained

Basically, each number in the sequence relates to a part of the alphabet. O45 and o23, the most common of them so far, stand for J and S respectively. 

TikTokers have been using the numbers to subtly talk about their romantic crushes or which teachers they aren’t massive fans of. Though, the trend hasn’t just been limited to TikTok. It has also popped up on Instagram with the Instagram notes feature. 

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The full breakdown of the coded numbers and letters can be found below: 

  • A: o22
  • B: o76
  • C: o99
  • D: o12
  • E: o43
  • F: o98
  • G: o24
  • H: o34
  • I: o66
  • J: o45
  • K: o54
  • L: o84
  • M: o33
  • N: o12
  • O: o89
  • P: o29
  • Q: o38
  • R: o56
  • S: o23
  • T: o65
  • U: o41
  • V: o74
  • W: o77
  • X: o39
  • Y: o26
  • Z: o10

As we’ve seen before, this trend is one that will probably stick around for a little while yet as more and more TikTokers send coded messages.

So, make sure to familiarise yourself with it and get ready to see them continually pop up as you scroll through the For You Page.

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