100 Thieves’ Yassuo reveals fans have gambled millions of dollars using his referral code

Julian Young
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As gambling streams continue to spark controversy across Twitch, 100 Thieves’ content creator Hammoudi ‘Yassuo’ Abdalrhman revealed the staggering amount of money other gamblers have wagered while using his referral code.

Even as Twitch continues to face backlash over its handling of the highly criticized hot tub and ASMR metas, the platform has been swept over by a new controversial trend: gambling streams.

As more and more large creators come under fire for participating in the latest fad to dominate the platform, more information has been revealed — intentionally and otherwise — about just how much money is changing hands during gambling streams on Twitch.

The latest creator to enter the fray is Yassuo — a massive Twitch personality and content creator for famed esports org 100 Thieves — who revealed that gamblers have wagered millions of dollars while using his referral code in just one online casino.

Yassuo Twitch Gambling Stream Screenshot
Yassuo has given viewers another glimpse into the world of online gambling.

While wrapping up a gambling stream on his Twitch channel, Yassuo wanted to share some of his winnings with fellow gamblers who used his referral code in that particular online casino.

Although his goal was to share some of his winnings with a few fans, some eagle-eyed viewers were quick to grab the information from the list of gamblers on Yassuo’s screen — revealing some truly massive figures that have been wagered in the streamer’s name.

After calculating the total amount wagered by all 22 users displayed on-screen, one Redditor confirmed that the grand total came out to a whopping $14,874,120 dollars.

One important thing to note is that the $14 million plus number isn’t money those players deposited into the casino, only wagered. So, in the case of someone wagering $100 dollars, winning $100 more, then wagering their entire balance, the total money wagered would be $200.

While those players didn’t deposit nearly $15 million dollars into the online casino, they still wagered that massive amount of money — and a good few of them probably lost most, if not all, of any winnings they had previously acquired.

Gambling streams are still very much a ‘wild west’ category on the streaming service, with Twitch itself not yet taking a firm stance on the practice, and streamers highly divided over whether or not that brand of content belongs on the platform.

Despite participating in gambling streams, Yassuo issued a warning to his viewers before shutting down his broadcast: “Don’t f**king gamble. You won’t make money gambling. What you don’t see is all of those f**king losses that go in before [streamers] get that f**king big win.”

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