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Why is #VerifyAvalanche trending? 100 Thieves creator fails simple task

Published: 4/Dec/2019 19:55 Updated: 8/Dec/2019 18:55

by Albert Petrosyan


All four members of the 100 Thieves content team The Mob were given a chance to earn verification on Twitter, and only Avalanche was unable to after failing to complete the required simple task.

While they’re usually the ones cracking jokes and playfully humiliating others on Twitter and Twitch, The Mob sometimes find themselves on the receiving end of roasts.

One of the lasting memes surrounding Avalanche, Classify, Froste, and Mako was that all four weren’t verified on Twitter, despite having massive presences on the platform and being members of 100 Thieves.

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That all changed on December 3 when 100T CEO Matt ‘Nadeshot’ Haag offered them all a chance at verification, and all they had to do to earn it was not tweet at all for 24 hours.


With the verified checkmark on the line, the four embarked on a day-long spell of the social media blackout, and they all made it out successfully except for one – Avalanche.

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Why The Mob’s Avalanche didn’t get verified on Twitter

Just hours before the required time was to elapse, a tweet went out from Avalanche’s page, one of his usual “I’ll find her… she’s gotta be out there… somewhere” posts that he puts out daily.

As it turns out, he schedules those to come out at a specific time every night, and he had forgotten to delete this one before it posted.

As a result, Avalanche had to watch the other three members of his content team celebrate their newly-achieved verification status on Twitter while he remained unverified.


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An Avalanche of inevitable roasts

It only took a brief moment before everyone realized that Ava had failed to complete the simple task, and even a shorter time until the avalanche of roasts began.

The roasts came from the usual crowd of people who never miss an opportunity to take shots at any of the members of The Mob, especially now that there was only one left unverified.

Even he couldn’t resist taking a shot at himself, probably accepting the fact that he had no one to blame for this but himself.

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Update – December 4 (7:45 PM ET)

After failing to take advantage of the opportunity, Avalanche was given a second chance by Nadeshot, who promised to get him verified if the hashtag if he could get #VerifyAvalanche trending on Twitter.


Sure enough, with seemingly the entire gaming community in support, the hashtag started spreading throughout the platform like wildfire, and got tweeted enough to be ranked on the trending lists.

Twitter#VerifyAvalanche climbed all the way up to the number one trending hashtag worldwide for some users.

Exactly what position it got up to depends on the user. Those who follow a lot of gaming-related pages and personalities will have seen it all the way up at the top spot worldwide, while neutral third-party trackers show it topping off at third in the US list.

Either way, the hashtag certainly popped off, so now the only question that remains is when will Avalanche see that light blue checkmark on his Twitter profile.


Update – December 4 (9:00 PM ET)

As promised, Avalanche did end up getting his verification status on Twitter after all, joining his Mob-mates Mako, Froste, and Classify.

It may have taken a #1 worldwide trending hashtag and over 30,000 total tweets, but mission accomplished!