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Pokimane tricks Fortnite duo into thinking she’s a “dude”

Published: 4/Dec/2019 11:40

by Matt Porter


Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys is one of the most popular Twitch streamers in the world, but she managed to pull a hilarious trick on an unsuspecting Fortnite teammate by pretending to be a dude while playing with him.

For those who watch Twitch regularly, Pokimane is an iconic figure, whose voice and image is instantly recognizable after her massive success on the Amazon-owned platform.

While playing Fortnite duos on stream though, one young player called Nicholas found himself in a game with the streaming sensation, but thanks to some hard work and impersonations from Pokimane, he was none the wiser as to who his new friend was.


Pokimane, InstagramPokimane tricked her teammate into believing she was a man.

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Talk in a deep voice, Pokimane made sure to call her teammate “bro” throughout, screaming “let’s go” in a low register as she tried to disguise her real voice, while her young partner continually referred to her as “dude.”

While her plan seemed to work, for the most part, the streamer wasn’t quite able to convey the voice of an older gentleman, asking her 11-year-old partner what age he thought she was, who swiftly replied with “13 or 14,” sending the 23-year-old into a giggle.

On occasion, she slipped out of her new manly voice, especially while concentrating in high-pressure moments in-game, but young Nicholas didn’t seem to notice as they took down opponents in search of victory royales.


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Unfortunately, the duo never found the win they were searching for, getting so close to a victory royale but falling at the final hurdle with just one enemy team remaining.

Worse still, the streamer never revealed her true identity to the young player, so he never found out who he was actually playing unless he happens to stumble across the YouTube video now that it’s been uploaded.