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Nadeshot proposes unique challenge to get The Mob verified on Twitter

Published: 2/Dec/2019 23:53

by Brad Norton


Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag has tasked each member of The Mob with a unique 24-hour challenge in order for them to finally be verified on Twitter. 

Classify, Mako, Froste, and Avalanche have grown to internet fame due to their constant antics and meme-sharing on Twitter under the 100 Thieves banners. 

Having been signed to the organization back in March, the group of content creators have been eager to attain their verification ticks ever since, constantly nagging Nadeshot to make it happen. 

It seems as though their desperate pleas might finally be paying off as one big challenge from the 100 Thieves CEO could see them all rewarded in just 24-hours. 


Twitter: 100Thieves
100 Thieves
The content creators all reside in the 100 Thieves Mob House in Los Angeles.
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Throughout a December 2 video, Nadeshot outlined his unique challenge to The Mob, detailing exactly what the four content creators must do in order to finally receive their verification ticks on the social media platform.

“I’m sick and tired of you bothering me and bugging me literally every single day to be verified on Twitter,” he amusingly started.

“You guys aren’t responsible enough and mature enough to be verified yet. When you see that verified checkmark you think ‘this is a true role model, this person is a celebrity in their own right.’ And I’m just not sure if you guys are there yet.”


Despite his concerns, the 100 Thieves CEO went on to issue one final challenge for the squad, stating that if they can “stay off social media for 24 hours,” then Nadeshot will do everything in his power to get them all “verified on Twitter.”

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Often Tweeting consistently throughout the day, each member of The Mob is known for constantly being active on the Twitter timeline, thus, it didn’t take long for them to respond to the amusing challenge.

“Staying off Twitter for a whole day is gonna be SO *ss. WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO ALL DAY TOMORROW????” Froste hilariously responded to the challenge.


It’s likely the content creator hasn’t gone a full day without Tweeting since being signed to 100 Thieves.

“Option #1: Tweet all day like a crackhead and try to stay off this ADDICTION of an app for 24 hours starting midnight to get verified….Option #2: I can’t do this guys I’m sorry this is a cry for help I legit can’t,” Classify expressed. 

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With just over 400,000 followers on Twitter combined, and an additional 50,000 following their collective Mob account, there’s no denying that they are extremely popular figures on the social media platform.

Going against what helped them grow as content creators, it’ll be hilarious to see the outcome of the challenge when Nadeshot’s test comes to an end as the clock ticks over to December 4.