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Nadeshot explains how he almost burned down the 100 Thieves house

Published: 4/Dec/2019 13:48

by Matt Porter


100 Thieves CEO Matt ‘Nadeshot’ Haag revealed in an impromptu stream that he had almost burned down the organization’s content house after a candle mishap in his bedroom.

The former Call of Duty pro left Chicago to move to Los Angeles, and now resides in the 100 Thieves Content House with fellow streamers Jack ‘CouRageJD’ Dunlop and Rachel ‘Valkyrae’ Marie in sunny California.

The beautiful house where they also film videos and podcasts almost ceased to exist any longer according to Nadeshout though, who revealed all during a stream on his Twitch channel on December 3.

YouTube: 100 ThievesNadeshot lives in the 100 Thieves Content House with Valkyrae and CouRage JD.

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After admitting he had started his stream “by accident,” Nadeshot went on to tell the story about how leaving a candle on his desk while he ate dinner had almost caused a monumental disaster at the 100 Thieves Content House.


“I left a candle lit,” the streamer explained. “Most candles I buy are in glass, so when the candle’s done burning, the wax runs out and the candle just goes out by itself.”

“I left a candle that had a metal bottom that I bought out of a gas station lit while I was eating downstairs, and it burned through the candle itself and the casing, and burned a hole in my mousepad and burned my desk. So I almost burned down the house. It smells like burnt rubber all through the house, up to the top floor.”

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Thankfully, Nadeshot confirmed that everything was ok, but stated he wouldn’t be streaming for the rest of the day after the frightening events that had occurred.

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Had things gotten any worse, it would have left fellow members CouRageJD and Valkyrae in a precarious position, so the good news is that someone in the house realized what was happening before it did too much damage, although it appears that Nadeshot will at least need a new mousepad, and possibly a new desk entirely.

Nadeshot has been grinding Modern Warfare since it’s release back in October, playing matches and streaming regularly, although while he appears to enjoy it, for the most part, he thinks rereleasing old maps isn’t the answer to the game’s issues.