Elden Ring Spirit Ash: Roderika’s Quest & how to upgrade

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Roderika is one of the first NPCs you’ll meet in Elden Ring, she’s also the one who upgrades your summonable Spirit Ash.  

Spirit Summons or Spirit Ash are valuable allies in Elden Ring that you can call to your side to aid you in battle. However, as the game gets harder your spirits will need to be leveled to remain useful. This can be done through Roderika at the Round Table Hold, the game’s hub area.

First though, you’ll need to complete Roderika’s quest to recruit her to your cause and to help her discover her spirit tuning ability. Once this is done, you’ll be able to upgrade your Spirit Ash when you visit her after collecting certain items in the game. This is a quest every player should try to complete as early as possible.


Spirit summons Elden Ring
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Banished Knight Oleg is a powerful Spirit Summon you can get early in Elden Ring.

Meeting Roderika in Elden Ring 

You’ll first meet Roderika at the Stormhill Shack before you head into Stormveil Castle to fight Margit for the first time. She’ll explain that she’s a Tarnished who’s returned to The Lands Between as a sacrifice. She and her party are to be torn apart and grafted onto Godrick to make him more powerful.

However, she panicked and ran away to hide in Stormhill Shack. Roderika will be ashamed of her cowardice and will ask you to deliver a message to her Chrysalid companions inside the castle. She’ll also give you the Spirit Jellyfish Ashes to aid you in your quest.

While in Stormveil Castle, you’ll come across a Grafted Scion mini-boss whose job it is to remove limbs from people and graft them onto his master, Godrick. Behind the room where he lurks, they’ll be a yard with a pile of bodies and discarded limbs guarded by dogs.

Roderika’s companions are sadly among the dead, but you’ll be able to find an item called the Chrysalid’s Memento. Then use the nearest Site of Grace to travel back to Roderika and deliver this to her. She will thank you but ask you for some space to grieve her friends.

Roderika Elden Ring
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Roderika will move to the Roundtable Hold, safe from Godrick.

Roderika at the Roundtable Hold

Roderika will soon move to the Roundtable Hold and stand by the fire. She’ll greet you and give you a Golden Seed as a thank you for your help. She’ll then go on to tell you she’s looking for a new purpose.

At this point, exhaust her dialogue then go and speak to Smithing Master Hewg and tell him about Roderika. Exhaust his dialogue and ask him to look out for Roderika while you’re not there. He’ll be dubious, but he’ll agree.

Return to Roderika and tell her about Hewg, then return to him until all dialogue is spoken. You may even need to speak to Gideon Ofnir and exhaust his dialogue about Roderika to progress the quest.

After some time has passed, you’ll eventually find Roderika sitting opposite Hewg and she’ll have learned the ability to upgrade your Spirit Ash.

Blacksmith Hewg elden ring
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Blacksmith Hewg will help Roderika find her purpose.

How to upgrade Spirit Ash

To upgrade your Spirit Ash, you’ll need to bring Roderika certain plants known as Glovewort. Standard summons require Grave Glovewort whereas more elite/unique summons require Ghost Glovewort.

These can be found mostly in catacomb areas and they do not respawn, so search each tomb carefully and make sure you’ve found all the Glovewort before you leave. Even if it means putting yourself in harm’s way. Basic Glovewort can also be found in Graveyards and underground areas where there is water.

Glovewort is a precious and limited resource during the first half of Elden Ring. By late in the game, you can purchase it from the Husk Twins at the Roundtable Hold, but this is only after giving them a variety of Bell Bearing items.

Focus on upgrading the Spirit Summons you find the most useful until Glovewort becomes easier to find. We’d recommend upgrading a standard Spirit Ash with Grave Glovewort and an elite Spirit Ash with Ghost Glovewort, as you can source and use both flowers independently of each other.

Roderika elden ring
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Roderika will now upgrade your Spirit Ash.

Finding an OP Spirit Summon early

Elite Spirit Ash are harder to find, but the first one you’re likely to come across is Banished Knight Oleg in the Fringefolk Hero’s Grave. This is the tomb you start the game in before heading out to meet Varre and the Tree Sentinel.

You’ll need to use a Swordstone Key on the gargoyle lock, dodge some fiendish traps, then fight a powerful Tree Spirit boss, but it will be worth it. Oleg is a powerful ally in the early hours of the game. He can even hold his own against powerful early bosses like Margit and Godrick.

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