Elden Ring streamer gets Elon Musk’s attention after beating game with Morse code

Sam Smith
elon musk elden ring

After seeing a player beat Elden Ring just by using Morse code, Elon Musk dared the player to try that tactic with Malenia.

Elden Ring is difficult enough when played without any additional tricks or challenges. The RPG from the creators of Dark Souls took the Soulsborne games open-world and is considered to be one of the toughest games FromSoftware has made to date.

Still, the streamer Silithur beat the game simply by using Morse code and posting a video of them slaying the Elden Beast online. Of course, lots of players have used creative ways to play Elden Ring, such as the streamer Larxa using just her voice, but Morse code was certainly an original challenge. As Elden Ring is a long game, Silithur has since uploaded his stream into multiple videos on YouTube.

Here’s the original video of him beating the game using Morse code:

Morse is a coded language that people, often in the military or navy, use to communicate with each other using noise or light. Essentially, every series of blinks or taps corresponds to a letter or command, which can be used to issue instructions. In this case, the streamer used a series of taps to control his character in Elden Ring with each series of taps and beeps representing an in-game command.

The video of Silithur killing the Elden Beast using Morse code was spotted by Tesla investor Steven Mark Ryan who alerted Elon Musk to the video on April 16. After seeing it on X (formally Twitter), the Space X owner dared Silithur to take on Malenia using just Morse code – a challenge he accepted and completed that very same day.

Malenia is widely to be the hardest boss in Elden Ring, and one of the hardest bosses in all of gaming. Undeterred, Silithur took Musk up on his challenge and slew the powerful Valkyrie using nothing but Morse code.

Musk has yet to respond to the video of Silithur killing Malenia, but other X users praised his skills.

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