Disney Dreamlight Valley players want Haunted Mansion added this Halloween

Jessica Filby
Haunted Mansion in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley players are preparing for Halloween already by suggesting a Haunted Mansion house skin to be present in either the Star Path or the Premium Shop.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is no stranger to a few themed seasonal Star Paths, with 2022’s Halloween and Christmas being celebrated with the introduction of pumpkins, Christmas trees, and more. Now, despite being in the first half of 2023, many DDV fans have already called for a Halloween skin to be added in the future.

With the introduction of rides and house skins in Update 4, one user explained their desire to add the Haunted Mansion as either a landmark or available skin, claiming it would be an ideal “house skin for this year’s Halloween path.”

Disney Dreamlight Valley call for Haunted Mansion house skin this Halloween

Posted on Reddit, one player asked the fans to “hear me out”, simply sharing an image of the famous Disney ride, film, and landmark, the Haunted Mansion. Naturally, shortly after posting, the proposal was flooded with comments in support of this idea, with many begging the developers to add it in.

“Yes yes and yes please. Give me all the spooky things.” commented one user who exclaimed their love for all things spooky being added into the versatile game. Another agreed with them, stating “Omg that would be amazing! I love Halloween and all things creepy so can’t wait for the update and to be able to start sorting forgotten lands” proposing the home become an addition in the Forgotten Lands, a biome already shrouded in mystery thanks to the Pumpkin home.

Another took to the comments to expand on the OP’s idea, explaining how they’d “also like some HM-themed decor, like the purple damask wallpaper and even a Madame Leota crystal ball”, highlight the fantastic and rather memorable interior of this fan-favorite ride.

Others agreed, begging the developers for “Some floating ghost items you can put indoors or outdoors” to help put together the Forgotten Lands as well as their hopeful homes.

While there hasn’t been any confirmation regarding this skin’s integration into Disney Dreamlight Valley, it’s clear that, regardless of its addition to the Premium shop or the Star Path, fans would be overjoyed to have a Haunted Mansion of their own.

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