Diablo fans slam Diablo 4 itemization: “We don’t need a Diablo 3 repeat”

Lauren Bergin
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Blizzard Entertainment

Diablo 4’s Quarterly Updates remain fans’ only window into the game’s development, but December’s installment on itemization has left fans unimpressed. 

When it comes to Diablo 4, the next chapter in Blizzard’s frightfully thrilling franchise, we’ve heard very little – other than that it has been delayed.

Controversial gameplay showcases have slipped through the cracks, and four of the five classes have been announced, but other than that the game has firmly tucked itself away amid the shadows.

Blizzard’s Quarterly Updates are the only glimpses we’ve caught into how development has progressed, and December’s highly anticipated post on itemization has left fans reeling.

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Blizzard Entertainment
Just as Lilith remains cloaked in shadows, so does Diablo 4.

Diablo 4 itemization isn’t a hit

Taking a deep dive into the game’s itemization, Diablo 4’s “+Skill Rank affixes” have been particularly divisive.

Affixes are added in the form of prefixes or suffixes to items, granting them extra buffs in Diablo 3. So, for example, the “of Demon Slaying” suffix applies (5-9)% additional damage to demons when added at the end of an item’s name.

In Diablo 4, players will also be able to try out new skills with these same affixes, allowing them to determine whether or not they’ll want to add it to their character’s arsenal.

Diablo 3’s affix system was controversial the first time around, with players finding the percentages and huge numbers particularly difficult to work with – turns out that sentiments remain the same.

“Why again with the big numbers?” asks one angry fan. “Why can’t there be meaningful bonus increases that go from 1-10%, and the final damage numbers are not in thousands and millions?” They conclude with a scathing “please, we don’t need another Diablo 3 repeat!”

“Feels like in a year they took a step back on itemization and decide to follow the ‘Diablo 3’ itemization philosophy (along with big numbers and crazy multipliers)” fumes another.

A final comment asks “why on earth is a strong Axe also a strong spell caster weapon?” noting that “I played Diablo 3 on launch and a big turn off for me on first sight was that your 700 dps weapon on your Barbarian’s attack is also 700 dps for you Wizard’s spell.” Calling it a “big mistake,” their thoughts are pretty apparent.

Whether or not this feedback will influence Blizzard to amend their affix system remains to be seen, however as Diablo 4’s development progresses, it’ll have to be good to win over OG fans.